I offer the following services in my area of passion,training & expertise:

  1. ICT Training; I offer training in the following categories;
  • Digital literacy/Word Processing
  • Graphic Design/Desktop Publishing
  • Information Technology
  • Web Design
  • SPSS & Advance Excel Training
  • Learning Management System(LMS) Set up Training
2. My Research Support & Consultancy  services includes;

Offering guidance in identification of  research objectives, statement of problem,questions/hypotheses

b)      Providing support with statement of research questions & hypotheses

c)      Offering guidance on conceptual and theoretical frameworks.

d)       Gathering resources for literature review (online scholarly/academic journals)

e) Support in Research design and methodology,

f)   Designing Data Collection Instruments 

(questionnaires,rating scale,achievement test, e.t.c )

g)  Support in  data coding,entry and Analysis with SPSS 

both descriptively(mean,standard  deviation,frequency, perce

ntage) and inferential( Chi Sqaure,test,correlation,regression 

analysis,ANOVA, MANOVA, ANCOVA,Factor Analysis, e.t.c).

h)  Interpretation of output result from SPSS & Discussion of 


f) guidance in referencing style such as APA style among 


 3. Provision of ICT solutions to support educators,research 

and small business owners.

  • Document Processing
  • Spreadsheet tasks
  • Graphic design of project such as logo,letter head,book cover,e.t.c
  • Website for educators & small business owners
  • Internet Services
  • Computer maintenance / trouble shooting tasks such as formatting of computer,installations of software.
  • And other complementary services